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It’s all about projects

When you have a running project but still need inspiration (ideas) or tools (resources), here is the place to come. You can post your project so other people can contact you or you can search for other people projects. At the end it’s all about projects!


A Culture, Education, International Projects Project by NATIONAL CENTER DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Many people are aware that anti-Armenian various manifestations, evil-minded disinformation, sowing of hatred with respect to Armenians, infusion of inter-national animosity, bawdy and global falsification of Armenian history, as well as consistent denial of Armenian genocide, have beco...
An Education Project by NATIONAL CENTER DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
As a young person living in this small country I understand the significance of having such kind of youth center, which will be the first in its kind in Nagorno Karabagh. The project is most likely to have great perspectives, because there is particular strive among the young for such k...
An Education Project by NATIONAL CENTER DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS ARMENIA | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Being a young and small country and at the same time fight against the consequences of war is rather difficult and has a great impact on the country and people particularly. People are scared but at the same time the younger generation is keen to interaction and integration to the moder...
An Education Project by DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
The main problem oof 21st century is the thing that the PhD students are studying only in one educational institution. In order to solve this issue it is obvious that there is a need in awareness raising activities: trainings, seminars, experience exchanges, led by reknowned experts f...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Karolina Mazetyte | Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
A solution to this problem could be a creation of an online platform called ‘’Service Exchange’’ where both immigrants & Lithuanians could exchange their services & knowledge, get in contact with each other, build international/intercultural dialogue, learn from each other, break stereo...
An Education, International Projects, Other Project by Blanca Castro | Location: Irvine, United States
The project is an implementation of a Global Peace Curriculum that will teach students basic theories and methods of conflict resolution that they can apply and relate to their intrapersonal, interpersonal, and intergroup conflicts. Some potential skills will include: active listening s...
An Education, International Projects, Other Project by Serund PanArmenian Youth Center | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Project will held 6 days. There is strict continuous project line in it, that get involve participants from first step to the end of project. 1. Ethics and 2. Etiquette 3. Strategy 4. Tactics 5. Negotiation 6. Conflict management 7. Decision making process 8. Influence and...
A Culture, Education, International Projects Project by Urban Jaksa | Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
The aim of the project is to improve relations between EU and Russia on the level of people (civil society) by engaging in intercultural dialogue, breaking stereotypes about our respective cultures and learning about each other's way of life in order to promote peace, dialogue and frien...
A Culture, New Media, International Projects Project by IamRadio | Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Our aim is to create audio content and organize offline events based on a communication platform IamRadio to strengthen the cultural, spiritual and emotional boundaries between Christian nations. Our priority is to cooperate with eastern and southern countries, where Christian traditio...
An Education, Technology Project by SLI | Location: Bangalore, India
The problem is quite simple. Since the last 6 decades that the technology industry grew leaps and bounds technology education hasn't been able to reach the masses. As a result there is wide manpower crunch. I believe such a shortage of resources could be addressed if we could make techn...