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It’s all about projects

When you have a running project but still need inspiration (ideas) or tools (resources), here is the place to come. You can post your project so other people can contact you or you can search for other people projects. At the end it’s all about projects!


An Education, Social Entrepreneurship Project by Ilya Lysenko | Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Creating a full-steps program for Peer to peer mediation and implementing it in first three schools.
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Md Robiul Islam | Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
At first we will make a water ambulance with all modern facilities. We will recruit necessary personnel and medical equipment to implement the project. We will inform all the people of targeted area about our project. We will also include some conscious and representative of the targete...
A Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, International Projects Project by esolidar | Location: Braga, Portugal
Our vision is to combine the power of the community, the awareness of celebrities, the potential of e-commerce and the purpose of nonprofits, to create a profit share solution and make a solidarity ecosystem come true. Here, you are not just buying products, you are also being part o...
An Education, Social Entrepreneurship Project by Nithya Nagarathinam | Location: Coimbatore, India
Vergal seeks to address two problems – 1. The high drop-out rate in schools and 2. The quality of education. Vergal will bring together technology and the youth from across colleges and corporates in the city to make quality education affordable to the grassroots level
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Renu Shakya | Location: Pātan, Nepal
Nepalese live collectivistic life; many people live in joint family with new and old generation together. Old people of Nepal have lived very sustainable life, they hardly had anything to throw out, and they reused, reduced and recycled many of the products which youths like us are very...
An International Projects, Other Project by Initiative Group Alpbach Armenia | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Following the collapse of the USSR many national issues rose to the surface, with some resulting in armed conflict. As the problems are not solved on a governmental level yet, non-profit organizations are trying to conduct cross-border and intercultural dialogue on youth level aiming to...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Islamic Studies of Economics Group | Location: Bandung, Indonesia
Indonesia is a country which has many natural resources, but there are still many people who have not been able to cultivate its existing resources for the welfare of themselves and the surrounding community. In Batu Loceng village, Lembang, West Java, has a problem that is not much dif...
An Education, Environment, Technology Project by Kuldeep Reap Benefit | Location: Bangalore, India
We aspire to solve environmental problems in the most entrepreneurial way. We specifically tackle sanitation, water, waste and energy as they are the most relevant and relatable aspects of environment. We do not create solutions that cater to millions; instead, we aim to create young le...
A Culture, Education, Social Entrepreneurship Project by Shaf Shaikh | Location: Bloomington, United States
This conference’s goal is to bring students from colleges across the United States together to discuss and resolve current world conflict issues in a real simulation of the United Nations. This is the first ever Model United Nations Conference held by Indiana University Model UN progra...
An Education, Social Entrepreneurship Project by NATIONAL CENTER DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
In order to solve the problem, we offer to create an IT sector website, because in our opinion there is a strong demand for these professionals. The website will help prospective students for correct and proper guidance choice of future profession. Especially Armenia (National Academy o...