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It’s all about projects

When you have a running project but still need inspiration (ideas) or tools (resources), here is the place to come. You can post your project so other people can contact you or you can search for other people projects. At the end it’s all about projects!


A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Kayula Mulenga | Location: Mansa, Zambia
This project suggests the establishing of an enterprises arranged in an out-grower-mechanism such that farmers who are already organised in cooperatives will be empowered through their respective cooperatives through training and start-up capital and equipment needed in bee keeping so t...
An Education, Technology Project by Shesha Kanta Pangeni | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal is a small developing country in South Asia. It is famous for its natural beauty but access to higher education is hard due to greater diversity of geographical structure of the country. University and colleges are established only in the city centers. Therefore, people in the rem...
An Education, Environment, International Projects Project by Ashley Pilipiszyn | Location: Boston, United States
In our rapidly globalizing world, it is becoming increasingly important to share experiences and educate one another to maximize efficiency. The topic of energy is multidisciplinary and requires international cooperation to help solve the energy deficiency problems. From being a develop...
An Education, Heritage, International Projects Project by Norayr Dunamalyan | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
(The project was created by Norayr Dunamalyan and Sargis Shirkhanyan) Different nations and states fought for the noble goal of peace and future development in World War II, but historical memory of new generations had been distorted because of the Cold War. Today, it’s necessary...
An Education, Social Entrepreneurship Project by Baptiste Amieux | Location: Sousse, Tunisia
This project will allow youth councils from governorates (directly emanating from Youth Leadership Programme - Search For Common Grounds NGO), Youth NGOs, Public Institutions and Interested Private Sector counterparts to gather and participate to simulations, workshops and roundtables ...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by rajan khanal | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Aim: Tele- agriculture deals with the process of helping farmers to deal with the crop related issues by using telecommunication. The system consists of the specialized professionals and experts in agriculture, where issues related with problem and technical complexities are solved. Th...
An Education, Social Entrepreneurship Project by Khumagadi Development Center | Location: Gaborone, Botswana
Khumagadi Development Center seeks to make a difference in the lives of young women in Botswana aged 14-26 and empower them with skills that will set their futures off to a great and successful start. The center serves in the functions of; Leadership Skills, Career Coaching, Health ...
An Education Project by MOTOR SICH | Location: Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
International Forum Mozhaiskogo held annually in the city of Alushta supported by Motor Sich JSC. The task of the event - to wake the interest of youth in the aviation industry.
A Culture, Social Entrepreneurship Project by TINA AZMAN | Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
The project is designed to encourage higher participation of young people, strengthen social solidarity, to achieve more socializing, to create a pleasant environment through Afro – Cuban dance and music. We would like to organize Afro – Cuban festival to promote Afro – Cuban culture so...
An International Projects Project by National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
The youths are pioneers of economic, social, political and cultural transformation and change driving force. This class remains as an important asset of the nation because of courage, innovative nature, inquisitiveness and high level of self-confidence, which is also considered a main s...