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It’s all about projects

When you have a running project but still need inspiration (ideas) or tools (resources), here is the place to come. You can post your project so other people can contact you or you can search for other people projects. At the end it’s all about projects!


An Education, Environment, Social Entrepreneurship Project by saida ibrahimava | Location: Homyel’, Belarus
Green school is both formal and informal schooling, it's a fusion of classic academic education and sustainability education. Each subject is brought through the perspective of sustainability and community needs. Sustainability components attach to thematic teaching - in all subject are...
A Technology, Social Entrepreneurship Project by Anzhelika Kosareva | Location: Chelyabinsk, Russia
The main idea of my project is create a web site – some kind of searcher. You fill in how much free time you have, how much money you would like to spend and where you are, the system generates different variants for spending time. This service include information about different entert...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Serund | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
As the main activity of social entrepreneurship is directed to give solutions to social problems, I offer to create a club in which many young and talented people will be involved who will be carriers of new business ideas and developing, simultaneously they must supply some part of th...
A New Media, Social Entrepreneurship, International Projects Project by Nikola Avramov | Location: Belgrade, Serbia
To provide networking and business framework to independent creative individuals.
An Education Project by Prakash Pyakurel | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Civics Schools is a new vision for civic education in which civic skills and understandings are integrated across the curriculum, embraced in all aspects of school governance, and built on strong connections with the community. It is a paradigm shift in the way we think about civics, m...
An Education Project by Dariella Lapodryaeva | Location: Moscow, Russia
«Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think». Albert Einstein This is an amazing time we live in. Technology is advancing every day leading to new ways to do things and problem solve. Gamification is one of the most important trends in technology, a...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by hari devkota | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Due to lack of own fund generating mechanism and lower capacity of people who are involving in the board, various NGOs' are not activate in Nepal and NGO sustainability has become one of the major challenge of people who are involving in this arena. On the contrary, our micro study in G...
A Culture, Education, Social Entrepreneurship Project by Evgeniya Bagaeva | Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Idea creation of cultural and educational tsentragde accumulate the most interesting educational projects in the field of culture, art, media, social sphere. Our goal - to provide a platform for a rich and diverse intellectual and cultural development, providing the opportunity to recei...
An Education Project by Irina Rakhmanina | Location: Bratsk, Russia
The project aims to create a cultural, artistic, intellectual grounds MindJam, involving young people in active social and creative life of the city of Bratsk (Russia, Siberia). The project is planned for 9 months and provides a dynamic cascade of 3 blocks of intensive educational activ...
An Education Project by Abdelrahman Elmady | Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
We are facing the problem of unemployment and year after year the rate of unemployment increases in Europe. All the past years the European Commission puts a lot of projects to empower the young people in Europe by Culture activities, Arts and different activities. But it's time to put ...