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It’s all about projects

When you have a running project but still need inspiration (ideas) or tools (resources), here is the place to come. You can post your project so other people can contact you or you can search for other people projects. At the end it’s all about projects!


A Health, International Projects Project by Amar Toplic | Location: Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
An Environment Project by Sann Jali | Location: Lilongwe, Malawi
PROJECT DESCRIPTION The proposed capacity building program is unique in terms of its focus on the crosscutting issue of climate change, diversity of participants, and relevance top the current needs of the target groups. This proposal details the different components; specific activiti...
An Education, International Projects, Other Project by Duke of Africa Foundation | Location: Gaborone, Botswana
Promoting safe and stable families of a child through uplifting the • Psycho-Mentality • Social and • Economic conditions of the child and youth Promoting the safety, permanency, and well-being of children and youth by connecting professionals and the public to practical, ti...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Lala Hasasyan | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
1.Implementation The directors and members of different NGO-s, companies, agencies will be gathered together. The professional trainers will provide a general overview about the main steps of building effective strategy necessary for the future and more rapid growth of the correspondin...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Tetiana Kuklinova | Location: Odessa, Ukraine
The development of the beach football demands the creation of a network of the sport buildings on the city beaches, in particular on “Copacobana”beach (14 st.B.Fountain).
An Education, Social Entrepreneurship, International Projects Project by Baptiste Amieux | Location: Tunis, Tunisia
Starting with creating a National Observatory for Youth, in order to gain legitimacy and notoriety, based on the existing governorate scale councils run by the Search For Common Ground NGO, the Observatory will be launching first publications and throw events and forum to gather youth, ...
An Environment Project by Philippe Junior SIBIRO | Location: Bangui, Central African Republic
The Central African Republic as some countries of the world has to know renewable energy: wind, geothermal, solar, biomass, hydro,. All energies are large quantity on the extent of the territory. And the country according to a study from the Department of Energy and Hydraulic consumes o...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Sachindra Raj Sharma | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
The project ‘Improving the lives of Poor Tamang Villagers through the Promotion of Home Stay Tourism in Suntol VDC of Sankhu, Nepal’ aims to improve the lives of poor Tamang villagers living in Suntol VDC of Sankhu, Nepal through the promotion of home stay tourism. The project is direct...
A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Zhanara Berkenova | Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
One of the areas to strengthen the social and personnel policy in the long term development of the Institute is a mentoring pilot project , which might look like this : 1. JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Joly " seeks opportunities to search for potentially gifted teenager / student for furth...
An International Projects Project by Shadi Zatara | Location: Ramallah, Palestinian Territory
the project will establish the network with interested contributors in the beginning and create the network on ground in at least 20 countries as neighboring ones. The project will start with main activities that make sure of quality of the project, serious committed youth workers. Hen...