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An Education Technology Project


An Education, Technology Project by SLI | Location: Bangalore, India
Project slogan

To make technology education accessible to all

Problem addressed

Making technology education accessible to all.


The problem is quite simple. Since the last 6 decades that the technology industry grew leaps and bounds technology education hasn't been able to reach the masses. As a result there is wide manpower crunch. I believe such a shortage of resources could be addressed if we could make technology education accessible to people who cannot afford to spend the exorbitant rates that colleges and universities charge today.


1. Take necessary approval from various governments starting from India.
2. Exploit the funds that have been sanctioned for startups by the government in its budget this year.
3. Launch awareness programs in various towns and cities across the country to teach people about the benefit of such an initiative.
4. Design programs for various age groups.
5. Try creating the necessary infrastructure.
6. Hire the right people for the job.
7. Forge out partnerships with various NGOs operating in these regions.


To launch the programs in collaboration with various governmental agencies, NGOs,Social enterprises,academia and technology companies.

We have: TeamOfExperts, Experience, SLI
We need: Infrastructure, Funding, Manpower

Project Timeline

25/07/2014 - present

Status: In progress


250000 €


Saurabh Saha


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