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An Culture New Media International Projects Project


A Culture, New Media, International Projects Project by IamRadio | Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Project slogan

Cultural project for friends

Problem addressed

One striking feature of the modern world is a cross-cultural, inter-ethnic, inter-religious interaction, which creates together with a certain amount of tension and disputes, hope for dialogue and synthesis of classical traditions of humanity. World turned out to be a whole for all the nations as a result of demographic, environmental, scientific, technological, informational and political processes. It shares common resources, global issues, information space, science and technology. It may seem to eliminate all wars, conflicts and confrontation of political regimes. However, it does not happen. What is behind? Firstly, the lack of wish to communicate and cooperate, mutual respect and understanding of the parties. Secondly, the difference in values, especially in their interpretation. A fundamentally new system of knowledge is to be created in order to solve these problems. It should cover multiplicity of the world of values, various cultural traditions peculiarities and their adaptation to each other. This will breed tolerance and respect, friendly attitude and spiritual reunion of peoples.

The modern world is moving towards strengthening everything that is individual, unique and personal. The man of other generation who devoted his life to the nation, state, party, today becomes inherent worth. He exists inside and for himself; macrocosm is replaced by microcosm - own universe of personality. In a society that represents autonomy of individuals, a new principle for dialogue and communication is needed. However, nowadays tolerance is not an established universal value. The history of the peoples shows the opposite, most of them claim to their exclusiveness in the world. The realization that the other person, other people, other history is a value equal to his own develops very slowly, due to the fact that historically all the peoples went through centuries cultivating their own national and cultural ideas. At some stages it was progressive and had positive influence on self-consciousness development, the disclosure of uniqueness and originality. Modern world creates new problem - the preservation of diversity.

We believe that young people need a new mechanism of communication, the fundamental basis for which is not indifference and liberal attitude to any behavior up to the violence, but respect for the best achievements of the culture of each nation and the guarantee of freedom of self expression within the restricted freedom of others. The implementation of this theory is possible through the understanding of the achievements of different cultures, a careful study of the experience of other nations and individuals. Not just learning, but awareness, that’s what new project Soulmates is longing for.


Our aim is to create audio content and organize offline events based on a communication platform IamRadio to strengthen the cultural, spiritual and emotional boundaries between Christian nations. Our priority is to cooperate with eastern and southern countries, where Christian traditions as well as in Russia, define human thinking. The project aims to strengthen the emotional and cultural ties not only between Armenia, Georgia, Cyprus and Greece, but also to expand its borders.


1. We plan to record audio content both as separate series and as the part of existing programs on the basis of a communication platform IamRadio (www.iamradio.ru) touching following topics :

• Faith and religion. A series of programs with the participation of representatives of the national churches who will discuss common ground, historical and cultural reasons of existing differences.

• Geography and Tourism. We’ll release not only St. Petersburg audio travel guides but also guides around the countries participating in the project (unknown churches, convenient travel routes, travel tips and so on), recordings of interviews of native speakers.

• Folklife culture. A series of folk tales recorded by native speakers and folk music programs with musicians.

• Literature. It will cover reviews of new books of national literature, involving interviews with writers of the participating countries, recording reading of classical national literature.

• National cinema. Special Programs about outstanding representatives of the national cinema with the participation of experts who can explore the topic of national cinema.

• The participation of experts from the countries participating in the recording of other programs.

2. We plan to organize offline events: general church and public holidays, dramatic readings, film shows, panel discussions, TED lectures.

Project Timeline

01/07/2014 - present

Status: In progress


Varvara Iumina


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