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Global Peace Curriculum

An Education, International Projects, Other Project by Blanca Castro | Location: Irvine, United States
Project slogan

"Creating a culture of peace"

Problem addressed

Conflict resolution is defined as a method for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them. However, most of society is not aware that such a method exists. In today's world, may are stubborn and act on emotions when conflicts arise, because people are unaware of other ways to deal when it comes to difference of perspectives. By being unknowing in these methods, many disagreements and arguments have led to violence, from world wars and even interpersonal relationships, like lost friendships. Humans with differences of opinions have a knack to be on the defensive and respond with emotion rather than try to understand both perspectives. Fortunately, conflict resolution is applicable in both small and large scale situations.


The project is an implementation of a Global Peace Curriculum that will teach students basic theories and methods of conflict resolution that they can apply and relate to their intrapersonal, interpersonal, and intergroup conflicts. Some potential skills will include: active listening skills, skills to cope with emotions, non judgmental approaches in analyzing conflicts, skills in relationship building and repairing. Through this project, students of all ages will better understand the versatility, applicability, and tangibility of conflict resolution and analysis methods. Once it's credibility and legitimacy has been evaluated, the Global Peace Curriculum will become a requirement for each student to become exposed to everyday conflict resolution terms, helping them better cope with conflicts within their own relationships and individuals. Overall, by encouraging active dialogue between people at such an early stage of education, this will spark the development of each student's own cultural identity and background with diversity by creating a better cross cultural understanding, through shared knowledge, experience, and values.


Broad goal: Teach students skills in conflict resolution

S: I will acquire a minimum of 15 students for my pilot class
M: I will measure progress by providing an evaluation in the end of the course, and an end of the year project that represents what they have learned from the course.
A: I will approach students within our university to participate in our pilot program who have interest in the subject matter
R: Providing incentive within the course will allow me to better attract students, like offering course credit
T: I will have 15 students who have gained new conflict resolution skills within 3 months

SMART Goal: I will acquire a minimum of 15 students for my pilot class within 3 months by approaching students within our university to participate in our pilot program who have interest in the subject matter. This will allow me to build the beginning of the Peace curriculum so it eventually becomes a household name in education in the eyes of the students.


1. Development and Refinement of Global Peace Curriculum
2. Proposal of Global Peace Curriculum in local communities at different school levels (primary - university level)
3. Launch workshop-based/pilot style Global Peace Curriculum presentation to achieve initial feedback from first group of participants to allow further improvement
4: Finalize Curriculum and launch in local schools

We have: Volunteers, Vision, Schools, Motivation
We need: Funds, Technicalexpertise, Training, Partnerships

Project Timeline

15/08/2014 - 31/12/2014

Status: Completed


12500 €


Blanca Castro


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