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An Education Other Project

Learning program for P2p Volunteers

An Education, Other Project by Charity Fund "People to people" | Location: Kiev, Ukraine

On the Rhodes Youth Forum 2013 I presented a charity project p2p for online donating for diseased children.
The project is launched technically to work fully, it is necessary to attract volunteers. First people who became volunteers were students from Kiev Universities. Not everyone can become a volunteer: you need to receive a personal offer and to earn participation in the project.
As students are selected as the best of the best, they should be encouraged and rewarded. Improving the quality of volunteers is planned due to educational and training programs organized in collaboration with leading business schools.
Ukrainian education system - something between the Bologna process and the Soviet standards. For better understanding how the business works, students will have the opportunity to learn from leading business schools in Ukraine, visit the business breakfasts and communicate directly with CEOs of leading companies.
Realization the Learning program for P2p Volunteers provides new opportunities to prove themselves.


Specific: to increase the number of volunteers of the charity project p2p.

Measurable: to connect 25 Ukrainian universities (ie increased by 80% relative to the state in May 2014) and 5 youth organizations. Total number of volunteers – 500.

Achievable: to attract volunteers by conducting business training in partnership with leading Ukrainian business schools.

Relevant: communication with the leading Ukrainian businessmen is important for talented youth.

Time-bound: monthly events with increasing amounts (3 per month after the first quarter).


Project Timeline

01/09/2014 - 01/12/2014

Status: Completed


4630 €


Maiia Tavlui
Charity Fund "People to people"


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