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An Social Entrepreneurship Project

Minimize the passivity of young people

A Social Entrepreneurship Project by Ulpiana Maloku | Location: Pristina, Kosovo
Project slogan

Take your time!
Do what makes your soul happy

Problem addressed

The relation with technology has brought a high level of passivity in our society,this problem is bothering me because I think that young people have to be more involved in society, they should speak, talk and act more.
Members of this project will change their routine life and they'll get out the box of passivity, the word that they can do something more, will be spread and than they'll see that their work is valuable for our society .
First step is to be aware of this passive life and than be part of the transformation that leads the young people to a creative life.


With this project we want to learn the importance of the team, the ideas, time,the feelings and the disponibility of the young people to do nice things.Understand the hobbies of the youths, their creativity and needs ( and help them to reach those ).
During the time we want to valuate the ability of the youths to do something out of their routine life and also to take initiatives for valuable life.


1.To rise the culture, by including young people to do something they want and they can do it.

2.To have integrity between them

3.Minimize the passivity

4.Not to get neglect

5. To share the ideas of creativity


1.Reuse the old clothes in a new way of design
( selling art working during exhibition)
2.Make pictures of the work before and after
3.Make a discussion with young people in a specific place
4.Make an exhibition with photos.
5.Discussion group with young writers .

We have: internet, Exhibition, place
We need: funds, Infrastructure, Place, Logistic, equipments
Other Needs
Funds for Administrative expense, Rent and for working materials .

Project Timeline

15/04/2015 - 15/11/2015

Status: Completed


7796 €


Ulpiana Maloku


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