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An Education International Projects Project

A new morning has broken!

An Education, International Projects Project by Alen Hadziefendic | Location: Graz, Austria
Project slogan

Frozen conflicts are past - a new morning has broken!

Problem addressed

The main aim of this poject is organisation of a transnational forum of young peacebuilders from countries involved in frozen conflicts in Southeast Europe (here and after), specifically Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, in a neutral environment that will allow for the exchange of experiences and best practices in order to include youth in peace processes and conflict transformation on the policy level.

The intended main aim will be concretised through the following points:
1. To organize an innovative, empowering and inclusive youth forum event in Graz/Austria (in the place of the international environment of the Erasmus Student Network) with a focus on enabling youth to engage with issues of peace building and inter-cultural interactions.

2. To provide an opportunity for youth to get to know each other and stimulate long-term intercultural dialogues for bridging religious, cultural, and ethnic barriers for a better Southeast Europe.

3. To document and disseminate lessons for making project outcomes visible and accessible for adoption.


Lack of participation and consultancy of young people in peace processes taking place in long-lasting conflict zones in South East Europe (specifically Bosnia and Serbia), hindering progress and reconciliation among 'traditional' opponents.

The background of the problem is very clear in the war (1992), so there is no need for detailed historical description in the field. The problem is today emphasized in low connections, stereotypes and "bad" working levels between young people in mentioned countries. This can certainly in the future lead to destroying the countries connections, and perhaps worse scenarios.
Since I'm on of these young people living in that area, I believe that it is important to act now, on changing the way on which the political is currently going.


The main effect of this project is in: Drawing attention to frozen conflicts in the media and the role of youth in peace processes; and as well bringing recommendations to governments.

Additional possible conclusions are;
1. A unique platform provided to 40 youths in the Bosnian and Serb area who will develop mutual understanding on issues of culture of peace and intercultural dialogue creation for application in their own context.

2. More youth (and communities) accessed with increased awareness, information, skills and networking opportunities for strong cultural diversity and dialogue for peace building in the country and beyond.

3. Achievement of personal goals of participating youth (including myself) achieved in relation to learning, growing and enabling to contribute to their communities regarding issues of cross-cultural interactions for piece building.

Evaluation plan:
in cooperation with Youth Time International Movement

Local: -youth involved in civil society and politics in each country
-Local media
International organisations
Government and state
-Youth ministries
-Members of Parliament


• Octobar, 2015: approval of the project by Rhodes Youth Forum.

• November–December, 2015: Organization and preparation; council formation; continued community involvement between selected NGO organizations between Bosnia and Serbia; planning; staffing; continued grant and funding investigation.

• January-February, 2016:
1. Mapping of attitudes among youth in each participant country (Serbia and Bosnia)
a. Surveys
b. Essay competition targeting university students
c. Research

• February-Mart, 2016: Registration planning and process
1. Forum of representatives of young leaders and civil society (open call for participation).
2. Formal place-based (Graz, ESN hous), imaginative and peace “schooling” opens.
3. Organizing one week of Youth forum activities which shall accommodate groups of 40 youth with each having full 3 days sessions in the forum organized with key activities including: theatre arts, creativity, music, dance, cultural performances, exhibitions, workshops, interactive talk shows, and several other kinds of activities encouraging interactions and dialogue creation among the participating youths

• April, 2016: Follow up of the project:
1. Social media campaign aimed at journalists and media to attract attention to 'frozen conflicts' in Europe and the lack of participation of youth in conflict transformation
2. Involving decision-makers....

Other Needs
Instructions for making quality budget.

Project Timeline

06/10/2015 - 01/04/2016

Status: Completed


3000 €


Alen Hadziefendic
youth researcher


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