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An Culture Social Entrepreneurship Project

Afro - Cuban project in Ljubljana

A Culture, Social Entrepreneurship Project by TINA AZMAN | Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Project slogan

Dancing is life and life is a dance.

Problem addressed

The phenomenon of cultural globalization is closely connected with youth culture. Young poeple are struggling to establish themselves to find their identity in social context. Globalization brought increased migration all over the world creating multicultural societies. In small countries like Slovenia this is even more noticeable. A major problem is that young are spending almost all their free time on computers, comunicating by social media, which leads to spending no quality free time. The fundamental problem considering our project is that young people spend unproductive free time and do not socialize because of high influence of tehnology. They are also not familiar with different cultures. The problem we would like to solve is to bring the awarnesss of importance of socialzing. We would like to encourage young people to socialize at dance and music events. And why dancing and why Afro-Cuban? Because psychologically dancing offers an opportunity to be with others, can heighten satisfacion and an overall sense of happiness. Dance in Africa occurs collectively, expressing the life of the community and a sense of belonging and of solidarity. And Cuba is the birthplace of multiple dance forms. Dancing is a lifestyle in Cuba and they are one of the most happy people on the planet.


The project is designed to encourage higher participation of young people, strengthen social solidarity, to achieve more socializing, to create a pleasant environment through Afro – Cuban dance and music. We would like to organize Afro – Cuban festival to promote Afro – Cuban culture so that young people, now living in multicultural environment, get familiar with, to offer them to spend high quality free time where they will develop their creativity through dancing and will be socializing. After the festival we would like to continue organizing regular Afro – Cuban activities in a form of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is a logical response to the substantial social costs that effect young people in a context of globalization. We believe that because of good effects of dancing and music, this project will impact on the increased satisfaction of young people and will bring more happiness, which all impact on having better and more tolerant society.


Objectives are:
- to organize a four day Afro-Cuban festival in Ljubljana;
- to encourage the creativity of young people and developing of their skills through Afro-Cuban music and dance
- to create a pleasant environment for young people
- to achieve socializing of young people, by meeting, dancing together, sharing their experiences
- to organize regular Afro-Cuban activities


Main steps are:

After the first and the second step (to determine the type of the festival and to determine the goals) which we already did) comes the third step - to decide on a date and specific location of the festival, folowed by the fourth, fifth and sixth step - to establish partnerships with organizations; to create a program of the festival and budget; to determine the key decisions (program, equipment, materials needed, public relations, internal communication) and choose the photographer of the festival and the last step - to maintain regular Afro-Cuban activities after the festival.

We have: Humanresource, Eqipments
We need: finance

Project Timeline

15/12/2014 - present

Status: In progress


4900 €




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