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An International Projects Project


An International Projects Project by Shadi Zatara | Location: Ramallah, Palestinian Territory
Project slogan

Think of Youth

Problem addressed

I see our new generation is not able to get the suitable information to develop their career or education. That is because many reasons, but for two main reasons i highlight: The lack of sharing information by organization in public, and the unaware of available opportunities by youth.
Besides, on the regional level, sharing information is not working well because some organizations monopoly the information and opportunities for the close people to them. And we want to break this habit to make a wide range contribution by individuals and organizations.


the project will establish the network with interested contributors in the beginning and create the network on ground in at least 20 countries as neighboring ones. The project will start with main activities that make sure of quality of the project, serious committed youth workers.
Hence, international meetings and trainings will be organized in one year and second year will be launching the network on ground with strong promotional strategy.

Specific: By establishing information points will be more accessible to youth and easier to get support regarding getting local, regional, or international opportunities.

Measurable: by periodic monitoring and evaluation for the information points work and achievements, we can track the development of the work, number of beneficiaries, target youth, and the impact of the provided services.
Attainable: the MEDA-Desks (information points) in the beginning to be hosted by youth centers, NGOs, CBOs, Municipalities, Universities, etc which will help us to test the project and then decide about advanced plan of strengthen this network.
Relevant: the idea of the project supports all fields that youth would like to be involved in them. By sharing information and opportunities between the MEDA-Desks and EURO-Desks and also other bodies, would bring more options for youth on local and international level. They can decide what to benefit based on category of the field, country, type of service, period, etc
Time-Bound: the good thing about this project that can last for long. Many volunteers, youth workers, university students, and employees can work in this network and offering vacancies for internships or volunteering can be offered yearly.


the projects aims
- to provide youth with suitable support, technical details, information, and operational help to get their opportunities in training and education fields.
- to provide orientation for youth about available educational program in the region and around
- to train youth workers on using efficient promotional tools and methods to outreach larger numbers of youth to benefit from available opportunities.


- Orientation Seminar: introducing the detailed project idea for youth workers, interested partners and stakeholder
- International Training Course: on creating international relation paths, networking, building information points, gaining support from local and international bodies, and managing the MEDA-Desk
- Creating youth friendly MEDA-Desks in many interest countries
- Developing/adopt online system for sharing information between Desks
- International training for youth and volunteers to know-how providing information on professional methods
- Media Campaigns: on local and international levels to promote for the MEDA-Desks, services, orientation, benefits , and available opportunities.
- Evaluation Meeting: based on one year implementation

We have: volunteers, Hosting
We need: budget, stakeholder, connections

Project Timeline

01/12/2014 - present

Status: In progress


60000 €


Shadi Zatara
Youth Coordinator and Traner


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