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An Education Social Entrepreneurship International Projects Project

National Tunisian Youth Council creation

An Education, Social Entrepreneurship, International Projects Project by Baptiste Amieux | Location: Tunis, Tunisia
Project slogan

Empowering youth through young representatives

Problem addressed

Tunisia doesn't have any national youth council while most of MENA countries have one, and 45% of the population is under 25 years old. Thus, none of youth associations or young council get legitimacy to participate to decisions making process.


Starting with creating a National Observatory for Youth, in order to gain legitimacy and notoriety, based on the existing governorate scale councils run by the Search For Common Ground NGO, the Observatory will be launching first publications and throw events and forum to gather youth, get recognized and known among young people and decisions making stakeholders. As soon as its power and importance will be recognized, it could be launched as a Youth Council itself.


The IOM, with several partners and donors, will aim to gather a strong structure which will be ready to be presented to the next government (most probably elected in coming December 2014), and implement a youth consultative and representative council which will be able to bring governorates recommendations and requests to the National Institutions.


The IOM Tunisia is currently working on the concept note and meeting with Search For Common Grounds in order to see their interest in collaborating. We will be then writing a concept note and establish clearly our goals in order to go fundraising and start gathering youth.

This project will be presented at the Rhodes Youth Forum 2014 as well as at the World Youth Council 2014 in Sri Lanka.

We have: IOM, UNDP, GIZ, Experts
We need: Financial, Technical

Project Timeline

30/09/2014 - present

Status: In progress


40000 €


Baptiste Amieux
Junior Consultant at the IOM


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