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In this section you can present your idea or you can search for other people ideas. If you submitted an idea, you just need to wait to be contacted. In the meantime you can search for other people ideas. The next step would be to find the right resources and turn your idea into a real project!


A Social Entrepreneurship Idea by Alex Florea | Location: Vienna, Austria
Social Connector is a workshop addressed to Social entrepreneurs, NGOs and students. The idea is to bring together various players and to search for common solutions on common problems. The outcome will be a signed Protocol of collaboration, a network, an Action Plan.
A Technology, International Projects, Other Idea by CONSENSUS | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
The Project assumes the creation of an absolutely unique internet website - a brand new social network developed for communication, sharing knowledge and experience exclusively and only for youth (young people whose age ranges from 18 to 35 years).
An Education, Social Entrepreneurship Idea by Victoria Nacu Bejenaru | Location: Bucharest, Romania
The project aim is to contribute to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for citizens in a democratic state. such things as motivation for participation, negotiation with the decision factors, efficient communication, cross-border cooperation will be learned. Teachers from select...
A Social Entrepreneurship Idea by Venera Akhmetova | Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Every day, people with disabilities face many social problems. Solutions to problems may find these people. When you create a forum may get a lot of ideas.
A Social Entrepreneurship Idea by Zamir Serikov | Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Currently, financial and social situation simple citizens are not stable. High interest rates on loans to banks. No stable incomes, lack of regular employment.
A Social Entrepreneurship Idea by hari devkota | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Due to more demand and less production, Nepal is compelled to import unseasonable vegetables (tomato) from India. To become self reliant, a small training on producing tomato vegetables will help in not only enhancing the economic suitability of the family involved, but would indirectl...
A Health, Technology Idea by Ankit Aggarwal | Location: Kharagpur, India
A Social Entrepreneurship Idea by Lala Hasasyan | Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Description 1.Implementation The directors and members of different NGO-s, companies, agencies will be gathered together. The professional trainers will provide a general overview about the main steps of building effective strategy necessary for the future and more rapid growth of the...
A Health Idea by Hulas Agarwal | Location: Janakpur, Nepal
Nepal lacks sufficient and trained health forces that can address problems of maternal Health. If we could train paramedical to address these issues we can address three problems at once:-Employement,Maternal Health and Neonatal Health.
An Education Idea by Christy Conta | Location: Manila, Philippines
This project aims to provide reading materials to several public schools across the country through various universities and partners. There will be a book drive event that will last for more than two months. After the book drive event, the materials will be donated to the public school...

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