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An Education Idea


An Education Idea by kyemba rosemary | Location: Jinja, Uganda
Idea slogan

Everyone can change something provided we think positively.

Problem addressed

Failure of graduands to fit in and get satisfied with the labour market.


The gap between the students, teachers,parents and professionals in the labour market has seen many students choose subject combination and courses without any or with minimal professional guidance thus leading to many graduands fail to get or create Jobs or get satisfied with the labour market environment.


1)Link students to professionals for career guidance in forty secondary schools by the end of 2018.
2)Build capacities of students to be able to choose professional careers with informed minds.
3)Improve on the student retention and completion rates in forty secondary schools by 40% by the end of 2018.
4)Create other Fora of learning to kill the fatigue brought by the class room teaching environment.
5)Have students introduced to the labour market environment before choosing personal professional careers.

Possible partners

Rotary club of Jinja
International volunteers


1)Awareness about the program to the various stake holders.
2)Formation of groupings under mentorship club according to the profession.
3)Identification of professionals according to formed groupings.
4)Signing of MOUs with identified specific schools.
5)Linking the professionals to the formed groups.
6)Monitoring and evaluation of program implementation.

We have: time, stakeholder, Strategy, TeamOfExperts, Mission, office
We need: funding, Volunteers, support, Partnership, Networking, materials
Other Needs
1)Costs to cover transport for professionals to scale up to 40 schools. 2)Linking up with other organizations implementing similar programs.

Idea Timeline

31/10/2014 - 30/11/2018

4 months, 1 week left

Status: In progress


50000000 €


kyemba rosemary
project coordinator


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