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An Technology Social Entrepreneurship International Projects Idea

IT for The Differently Able

A Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, International Projects Idea by Natasha Kabir | Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Idea slogan

My IT, MY language and My Access to the World

Problem addressed

This project aims to reach the disabled, a critically underserved population in Bangladesh, to improve their IT knowledge


*What are your goals? (Content limited to 1000 characters)
The goal of the project is engage young alumni in reaching out to students with special needs and to give those students the opportunity to begin building their capacity in IT. We strongly believe technical knowledge development can be at least a partial introduction to the workforce for the disabled, and can provide enrichment to students with otherwise limited mobility and public interactions.
*Who will benefit? (Content limited to 1000 characters)
Bangladeshi exchange alumni have done a significant amount of outreach activities for a wide range of audience. We believe, we, the alumni should focus on empowering the disabled as well. This will open a new field for the alumni to contribute and give back.
Nowadays, the society is open in accepting disabled as a part of the general workforce. There are many government initiatives but we think these students need extra care and specialized training to build their capacity.
*What results do you anticipate? (Content limited to 1000 characters)
We want to see more differently abled students to become self-reliant and also work in the mainstream job market. The IT clubs will help the students to develop leadership skills. We intend to continue providing assistance to run these clubs so that the younger students can be informed about the benefits of IT education. The IT Olympiad will give the disabled students an opportunity to interact with students from mainstream education. This will boost their confidence.
*How will you measure success? (Content limited to 1000 characters)
1. Evaluation test: Monthly basis evaluation test would be there after the preparatory course and basic learning.
2. FGD: Before the selection there would be focused group discussion among the participants to find out and assess their need and feasibility. Especially for the female participants and differently able people special activity plan would be implemented.
3. Report card: To evaluate the condition and personal assessment, quarter basis and annually.
4. Test for the trainers: Evaluation for the best trainers so that they can be trained for further advancement mainly by the alumnus who have studied in the U.S.A and also under the support of American Center.
*How will the project be publicized?
1. Social Media: Through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We would like to initiate a group and would like to initiate more activities through upgrading and updating the entire activities monthly basis and also to initiate e-magazine
2. Newspapers: To initiate and encourage the participants for publishing their activities in national dailies, i.e., Daily Star, Prothom- Alo, IT based magazines
3. Electronic Media: Through the conference, all the electronic media journalists would be invited
4. Club based activities: 5 clubs would be formed and initiated by promoting activities, i.e., outsourcing competition and Olympiad
5. Documentary: At the end of the project documentary would be screened to get the views and initiatives behind the project


• To empower the disable ( Which we literally use) but in this era we do consider them differently able
• To follow the inclusive policy for promoting the sign language users and the people who are physically disable
• To enrich them through the IT , i. e-Graphics, Internet Marketing and Word Press
• To make them communicative in English
• To make them engage in self-employment
• To organize the social connectivity and networking

Possible partners

1. Embassies
2. IT farm
3. Professional trainers
4. Media
5. Job providers
6. Educational Institutions
7. NGOs
8. Volunteers


The classes started on 26 April, 2014. The class is mainly divided in to 2 groups, First group which is consisted with 30 students used to have their classes in Friday for entitled course of Graphics and English. Here both the sign language students and physically differently able are doing classes altogether. The afternoon shift is only for physically Immovable.

1. Phase 1 Recruitment, Promotion and Training for Teachers (ToT): A team of 10 alumni will work with additional volunteers to launch the project. The team will visit three educational institutions from which students will be selected, and where IT clubs will be established, to learn more about the specific needs of disabled students. Ten trainers will be selected and a curriculum will be developed. Thirty student participants will be selected based on their interest and basic computer skills. Three partner organizations have offered venues for the training.
2. Phase II – Training Period The thirty selected participants will receive five months of training on website development, search engine optimization and blogging. Four classes will be conducted every week.
3. Phase III – Formation of Clubs : Three IT clubs will be formed after the training, one at each participating educational institution. The alumni team will make follow-up visits each month to these clubs, which would be given the practice task of developing a website for Bangladeshi International Exchange Alumni.
4. Phase-IV- A Daylong “IT Olympiad” (June 2014 – July 2014): This will be organized for students from the three educational institutions. The student participants from the training sessions will moderate sessions and demonstrate what they have learned. The team that has designed the best alumni website will receive an award.

We have: Strategy, policy, youth, Advisory, publicity, Young-leaders
We need: money, technologies, collaboration, lab
Other Needs
1. Venue 2. Trainers 3. Sign Language Interpreter and knowledgeable in IT based terminology

Idea Timeline

24/04/2014 - 30/11/2014

Status: Completed


15000 €


Natasha Kabir
Founder President


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