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An Culture Social Entrepreneurship International Projects Idea


A Culture, Social Entrepreneurship, International Projects Idea by Houssam Eddine Kassah Laouar | Location: Constantine, Algeria
Idea slogan

no talk One topic One life until we find solution


i want to share my idea with you Team what about the YouthCamp !
the concept of the idea is to bring and regroup new minds from around the world to solve one topic or problem in the world to exchange minds culture and to find new ideas , together for new world for better life , no talk One topic One life ..
so we choice One Topic about the actuality in the world and let people answer and write essay about how to find and solve this problem ( how did he or she think to solve this problem ! ) such us : " new ways or strategy to solve the world economic crisis , what can make us more powerful , how to leave in peaceful world , what about women in technology , what about the green technology ,.. "
the first step of program is on the website ! after that we select the best essay and idea from each country ( 1 candidate from each country )
and we regroup theme for One Week in YouthCamp ( a place or small Locale maybe in University or something like this )
in this week or days we bring Speaker and Expert of Domain to develop there ideas and make a final presentation !

we need your feedback.. and suggestions .. critique.. advice.. and propositions..


bring and exchanging mind's and brain's from around the world for a better and perfect future

Possible partners

airline ( for travel grant )


on line Application ,
selection of the participant
one week of exchanging mind and finding new solution

Other Needs
we need fund's sponsor to grant travel for the candidate ! place for the youthcamp week food and water for the participant

Idea Timeline

23/09/2014 - present

Status: In progress


Houssam Eddine Kassah Laouar
Volunteer , CEO & President


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