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An Health Social Entrepreneurship Idea

Young Earth Research Initiative (YERI)

A Health, Social Entrepreneurship Idea by Shiva Raj Mishra | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Idea slogan

Developing next generation of research professionals.

Problem addressed

While the developed countries has taken giant leap forward in research of exploring the possibility of existence of living beings in planet Mars and others,contrarily we are not able to explore what is inside the caves along the Kaligandaki river in upper Mustang. The research in health and other fields are so far neglected. The USA in 2013, was forecast to invest nearly 424 Billion (2.66% of GDP) in research, and the similar figure is of China (220 Billion, 1.65% of GDP).India alone invested 45.2 Billion (0.90% of GDP)in 2013 in research(R & D magazine). But we are very pathetic to say that Nepal has virtually done anything in research.

In last ten years, though we have done substantial researches in Nepal, but majority of them were either driven from donor interest or doing a prodigal spending to create a zero balance in the project. Notwithstanding the government has made an effort in health and development along with overall national development in last ten years yet there has been made hardly any efforts in exploring these initiatives of government if they are going on correct track or not. Few of such works of exploration has been scientifically verified and brought in limelight in the scientific community so that it would be a common reference for all.

Doing this project, we are trying to sensitize, and build capacity of young professionals, and students to carry out health related research works in Nepal. In Nepal, 80% people live in the villages and are devoid of health care. Still 281 in every 10,000 mothers die of pregnancy, childbirth and post postpartum complications. The condition of neonates and children is still not satisfactory. Many important health issues of youths, marginalized communities, issues of non communicable diseases and tropical diseases are unexplored in Nepal. Amidst of lower priority to research by government and private sectors in Nepal, this project will be boon to create next generation of research professionals, and also generate new evidence for policy making and program implementation in Nepal.


Young Earth-Research Initiative supports research and publishing among young people in Nepal. Based on my experience in editing and publishing as the Chief Editor of Health Prospect, I certainly believe that workshops on Scientific writing and research communication is that we need in Nepal in 2014. This activity will include a series of workshops in several parts of Nepal.

We will form a young research council; representing young researchers (18-29) from different domains like health ,development and education. The logic behind the formation of council is that, it will create next generation of leaders who could work and promote research communication in Nepal. The council will have five members in a year. They will set up research grants and organize workshops on research communication in different regions of Nepal.

Five workshops will be organized in five development regions in Nepal from from November to December, 2014. Workshops will be organized in coordination with Medical Colleges in Nepal. Of the 13 medical colleges in Nepal, five medical colleges will be contacted to support in organizing the program. The cost of the workshops in part will be covered from minimal registration fee from the participants and from the funds that we will get from Youth Time (proposed). A total of thirty people will participate in each training, leading to a total of 150 participating in five workshops. The workshops will be facilitated by trainer from Young Earth, National Health Research Council, and will be observed by members from Youth Time.

These workshops will provide benefits to the young researchers, university students, and academies in Nepal. Research in Nepal as in many developing countries, has not been the priority of neither public nor the private sectors. We have seen an exponential growth in number of Medical Journals in last few years, as evident from increased number of journals in Nepal Journal Online The quality of journals being published in Nepal has not been improving in the same manner it should be with increased number of journals in Nepal. Not all the papers submitted to these journals meet the quality of that needs to be in a scientific paper. Lower quality of publishing work might be due to lack of orientation on writing a scientific paper, avoiding plagiarism and ensuring the moral rights. This clearly shows the need to have workshops on research communication as such YE is planning to organize. This training will create young leaders who will also add to increase the quality of journal being published in Nepal. Also will aid to the number of papers students and young professional will write to journals in Nepal and abroad.


To promote research communication among students, young professional in Nepal

To promote the culture of scientific writing among students and young professionals in Nepal

To establish research as a professional domain in Nepal, which a youth we could opt to for his/her career in the days to come

Possible partners

Health Prospect Journal of Public Health
Journal Health for All
Young Earth
World Discussion Club
Nepal Health Research Council
Department of Community Medicine and Public Health, Institute of Medicine


We will form a young research council; representing young researchers (18-29) from different domains like health ,development and education. The logic behind the formation of council is that, it will create next generation of leaders who could work and promote research communication in Nepal. The council will have five members. The council will organize workshop in research communication in periodic basis.The first stage; i) will be to get approval from National Health Research Council to get approval for the workshops ii) we will contact the medical colleges and will ask them to support us iii) a organizing committee will be formed vi) application will be called for participation in the workshop viii) actual conduction in November to December, 2014 ix) evaluation of the project

YE will also organize small grants " YE small grants for research studies" to encourage young to start research projects. We will award two research grants for stupendous research study related to public health in a year. The research needs to be feasible and should have the potential to contribute in policy and decision making at local or national level. This research grant is open to young people between the ages of 18-29. A maximum of 50-100 USD will be provided to each awarded. YERI will also provide mentoring to all awarded to conduct the research. YERI collaborates with Health Prospect: Journal of Public Health and Health for All. YE promotes research communication in developing countries, and provide publishing support to students and young professionals. It is mandatory that the awarded needs to submit a paper (short communication or original research) to anyone these journals or elsewhere.

We have: Partners, Volunteers, Alliance
We need: Funds, Motivation, Guidance
Other Needs
We need to observe what the people in other countries are doing to promote research communication in their countries.

Idea Timeline

12/11/2014 - 31/12/2014

Status: Completed


9000 €


Shiva Raj Mishra


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