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An Social Entrepreneurship Idea

Tomato Production project

A Social Entrepreneurship Idea by hari devkota | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Idea slogan

Contributing social entrepreneurship through creating job opportunity

Problem addressed

Due to lack of own fund generating mechanism and lower capacity of people who are involving in the board, various NGOs' are not activate in Nepal and NGO sustainability has become one of the major challenge of people who are involving in this arena. On the contrary, our micro study in Gorkha and Nawalparasi in 2011 funded by Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON), we discovered that youths are interested in staying in Nepal but the main challenges are lack of job and security. Another research shows that only one out of five are lucky to get a job here in Nepal. Presently, 1500-1800 people are migrating to foreign countries per day to seek employment and 3 death-bodies are brought from foreign countries. This depicts that foreign employment is also insecure for Nepali youths.
Hence, Unification Nepal Gorkha has developed the proposal for the job placement of young youth in the country, and its own sustainability in Gorkha. Similarly, the profit of the project also goes to students who are studying in very panic situation in their schools and colleges. So, Unification Nepal has planned to provide scholarship to deprived and disciplined students (at least 10 students of Gorkha in each year) who have a greater possibility future career if s/he received the grants.


Due to more demand and less production, Nepal is compelled to import unseasonable vegetables (tomato) from India. To become self reliant, a small training on producing tomato vegetables will help in not only enhancing the economic suitability of the family involved, but would indirectly contribute to the economy of our country. Moreover, this is an activity that can be carried out with no advance know-how and through the involvement of the family only.

Though the opportunities are immense, but due to lack of training and knowledge, many people are forced to keep their land either unutilized or involve themselves in other activities that are non productive.

In big cities where the consumption is very high, finding a suitable market would not be a difficult task. Hence, if the youths and those interests in this field are made a part of this proposal and are provided with knowledge and training in producing unseasonable vegetables, they can support themselves and their family members with very less monetary and human investment. UN- Nepal, considering these factors and the potential from economic viability, has plans to initiate such farming in Kathmandu, to bring sustainable change in the lives of many.


• 10 people will get job opportunity and number of people shall get fresh vegetable through the project.
• The profit of the project will granted for the education of marginalized and disadvantaged communities children.
• It will be a resource center of vegetable production, number of people will get an opportunity to visit and learn valuable experience with out cost.

Possible partners

UN Nepal Gorkha


proposal refine
Signing MoU
Preparatory work
project launching
Final evaluation

We have: Euro
We need: Euro
Other Needs
project monitoring and supervision

Idea Timeline

01/02/2014 - 31/12/2014

Status: Completed


260000 €


hari devkota


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