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An Social Entrepreneurship Idea

Giving without % credits for employees

A Social Entrepreneurship Idea by Zamir Serikov | Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Idea slogan

Improving the financial and social status of employees


Currently, financial and social situation simple citizens are not stable. High interest rates on loans to banks. No stable incomes, lack of regular employment.


employee motivation
Improving the financial and social status of employees

Other Needs
If employers will provide loans to 0%, the simple citizens will be able to increase their income due to lack of overpayments on loans to the bank. Citizens will be able to improve their economic and social status. Project is successful if the company commercial, as well as having a stable income, for example sales

Idea Timeline

12/02/2014 - present

Status: In progress


Zamir Serikov
Social Enterepreneurship


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