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An Education Social Entrepreneurship International Projects Event

World Business Congress March 17 – 20, Moscow (Russia)

Location:Moskovskiy, Russia
Field of activity: Education, Social Entrepreneurship, International Projects
17/03/2014 - 20/03/2014



If you want your future to be connected with business, it will be rewarding to attend the World Business Congress in Moscow in the end of March. The widest range of topics will be discussed: from government policy to the latest business trends in the market. Speakers will include experts in the business sphere from all over the world. Among the guests: Angry Birds creator Peter Vesterbacka, the chairman of the European Crowdfunding Network Oliver Hyde, the founder of School for Startups Doug Richard, and many others. Several sites at the congress will focus on youth entrepreneurship. A detailed program and conditions of participation in the event are on the website: www.gec2014.com
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