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An Education Event

International Session of the European Youth Parliament March 14-23, Riga (Latvia

Location:Riga, Latvia
Field of activity: Education
14/03/2014 - 23/02/2014



Two hundred fifty students from 39 countries will meet in March in Riga. Formally, the event will be held under the auspices of the European Youth Parliament, but actually it is organized by the Latvian youth NGO Tellus. Thus, anybody who wants to will be able to take part in the session. The main task of the Riga meeting is to create a powerful platform for youth discussions. A fairly wide range of topics to discuss will include urgent problems in international relations, issues of cross-cultural exchange in Europe, and the forms and methods of non-formal education. According to the organizers, special training will be organized during the session, focused on developing the skills young people will need to build successful careers. More details available at: www.eypej.org or www.tellus.lv
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