About YouthMap

About YouthMap

YouthMap is a social project developed by Youth Time NGO located in Prague, Czech Republic. It appeared from the need to empower NGOs and various social active people (volunteers, trainers, Universities etc) with the right tools to be more effective in their projects. Basically the idea is quite simple: let’s make a platform where young people come and can find other young people to make projects. We believe that this is our contribution to make a better world.

YouthMap’s philosophy emerges from Youth Time’s values. We believe that a shift from one paradigm to another one is necessary in the society. A change in the system must take place. Old “values” such as competition, consumerism, greedy and selfishness which are still guiding our economy, social and political life including education, should fade away and let new values step in: cooperation, dialogue, solidarity. For example we believe that education should focus more on creating a human personality rather than an individual preoccupied on competition and profit.

In this context YouthMap’s mission is to connect people who want to change the world for better.

Our team consists of staff and volunteers of Youth Time movement as well as enthusiastic supporters. We are all here to run this project for you. Hope you will find on YouthMap what you are looking for. See you online!


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