• YouthMap’s mission is to empower youth to become active players in the society.
    By combining ideas, projects and resources online, they can impact the world offline.
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  • Combine ideas with resources and make the projects you want! Expand your capabilities
    with our user friendly interface so you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • YouthMap is more than an online platform for sharing ideas, projects and resources.
    It is a tool for changing the society for better.
Welcome to Youth Map
We are an online tool for building projects by connecting ideas with resources. Use it online for results offline.
How it works?
Let’s suppose you have an idea on organizing a training course, but you do not have trainers, volunteers and location. All you need to do is register your idea to the “International projects” section, add the right tags and wait for your team to gather! If the idea is interesting, expect people to contact you! Or you can search and contact the resources or people you need by browsing our Resources section.
Let’s suppose you started a project on environment. The project is already running, you have the funds and volunteers. But you need now another partner who will help you locally. All you need to do is to register your project on the “Environment” section and wait for the local partners to contact you! In the meantime you can search for people and resources around the location where your project will take place.
In order for your projects to become reality, you need resources. In this section you can find the right people, information and useful links which you can use for the implementation of your project. Moreover, in this section all the partner organizations and members present themselves. Contact them! Events and digital media will expand your current capabilities.